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About Us - Sam and Natalia at Machu Picchu

Something of Freedom began as an Instagram page in late 2015, whilst Sam and Natalia were planning a trip around New Zealand. With the idea of sharing our trip highlights, we started sharing our photos with the world.

Not long after returning to England, we decided to pack our bags again. This time we ventured to Central and South America, continuing to share our travels along the way.

Having returned from that trip with more people interested in our travels than ever, we decided to start this blog. We want to give a better insight into our world of travel – be it packing tips, location guides or just general advice!

Together, we have visited over 50 countries. Whenever we’re not on the move, we’re already planning our next trip.

With no plans to stop travelling any time soon, we want to inspire people to get out there and see the world – whether it’s your first trip or your hundredth!

Give yourself the freedom we feel every day that we’re travelling– be it a city break or a round the world trip!

There’s no better feeling than waking up ready to explore somewhere new – whether it’s hiking to waterfalls, chilling on the beach or even sand boarding in the desert!

If you don’t think travelling has anything to offer for you, you just haven’t found the right destination yet!

If you want to know more or just say hi you can contact us here!