The Ultimate Two Day Jodhpur Itinerary: The Best Things To Do

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The beautiful ‘Blue City’ of Jodhpur is one of Rajasthan’s most popular travel destination and a 2 day itinerary here allows you to see the best of this city. With the towering Mehrangarh Fort, the city’s many stepwells, the Umaid Bhawan Palace and more. There are plenty of great things to do and places to visit in Jodhpur which can be covered in just 2 days, giving you plenty of time to discover the other beautiful cities Rajasthan has to offer – from Jaisalmer to Jaipur to Udaipur! Cover the best of the city in a short space of time with this 2 day Jodhpur itinerary!

2 Day Jodhpur Itinerary

Day 1

Spend day one of your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary exploring the sights of the Old City. Here you will find Mehrangarh Fort, the Clock Tower and the iconic blue houses that Jodhpur is famous for.

Ghanta Ghar, the Clock Tower of Jodhpur, which is found in the centre of the Sardar Market. The market is one of the city’s bustling hubs, and is packed with locals and tourists for much of the day.

The Clock Tower is a focal point amidst the surrounding chaos of the market. It’s one of the oldest markets in Jodhpur, so it’s the perfect place to start exploring the city.

Vendors at the market sell a variety of goods, including handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes and local foods. It has a bit of a reputation for being pricey and the quality is sometimes questionable, so make sure to haggle if you see something you want. With so much choice though, it’s definitely one of the best spots for shopping in Jodhpur.

Wander through the market and soak up the atmosphere before moving on to your next stop. It’s worth taking the time to come back briefly in the evening so that you can see the Clock Tower lit up at night on either two of the days of your Jodhpur itinerary.

Jodhpur Clock Tower lit up at night

Just a 5-minute walk from the busy market you can find one of the most beautiful stepwells in Jodhpur – Toorji’s stepwell. Also known as Toorji Ka Jhalra, the stepwell was built in the 1740s and it’s an amazing sight.

The intricate carvings and maze of staircases make it an incredibly picturesque spot. It’s completely free to visit and you’re able to wander down the stairs inside the stepwell, which is worth doing to get a different perspective of this unique spot.

While you’re in the area you may want to visit the nearby Stepwell Cafe, which has a lovely view of Toorji’s stepwell from above. We recommend only stopping for a drink at this stage of the day, but it gives you a chance to hydrate yourself and escape the sun for a little while.

Toorji's stepwell - a must visit on any 2 day Jodhpur itinerary

Next up it’s time to simply wander the streets of Jodhpur’s ‘Blue City’. A quick word of warning though, we were slightly underwhelmed with what felt to us like a lack of blue buildings.

Considering Jodhpur is nicknamed the ‘Blue City’ we would have expected to see more blue buildings. Some streets do have a number of blue buildings, which is nice to see, but many don’t.

Despite that, it’s still worth wandering around in search of the most colourful spots the Blue City has to offer during your 48 hour Jodhpur itinerary.

One of the best areas to discover blue houses in Jodhpur is Chandpole. Even here there are no fully blue streets, but there are a number of blue buildings close to each other.

It’s around a 25-minute walk from Toorji’s stepwell to Chandpole, so it’s probably worth taking a tuk-tuk – especially if it’s a warm day. Although it’s a little out of the way, it’s well worth heading here if you want to discover the Blue City of Jodhpur.

Wandering the streets of the Blue City - 2 day Jodhpur itinerary

Next up we recommend finding a restaurant with a rooftop terrace for your lunch. There are a number of rooftop restaurants in Jodhpur, and although they can sometimes be slightly more expensive, we think it’s worth the price for brilliant views of the city and Mehrangarh Fort.

Two of our favourite rooftop restaurants in the city are Namaste Cafe and Blue Bird Cafe. Both spots serve up delicious food whilst providing you with some amazing views.

After you’ve finished lunch make your way up to Mehrangarh Fort. It’s uphill, but it’s an easy enough walk from either cafe, and should take around 10-15 minutes. If you’d prefer you can use Uber or OlaCabs to book a taxi or tuk-tuk to the entrance.

Standing 125 metres above the city, the towering Mehrangarh Fort is a remarkable sight. It’s one of the largest forts in India, and dates back to approximately 1459.

View of Mehrangarh Fort - an essential inclusion on your Jodhpur itinerary

By visiting the fort museum you’re able to go inside and discover the wonders within, from palaces to courtyards to beautifully decorated rooms. The museum houses a collection of fascinating artefacts, including royal palanquins, weapons, furniture, costumes and more.

On top of the above there are also some great viewpoints of Jodhpur from within Mehrangarh Fort. You get the best views of the ‘Blue City’ from up here, as the blue houses seem much closer together than they do when wandering the streets. No 2 day Jodhpur itinerary would be complete without a visit to this marvellous place.

The entrance fee to the Mehrangarh Fort Museum is 600 rupees for foreigners and 120 rupees for locals in 2022. You can easily spend 2-3 hours, or even more, exploring the fort. The opening hours are generally from 9am-5pm, but these can vary on public holidays.

Once you’ve finished exploring the fort find somewhere to watch the sunset. We recommend finding somewhere just outside the fort with a good view of the city or heading to a rooftop restaurant again for dinner.

After the sun has set and you’ve had dinner (and maybe a few drinks too!) then head back to your accommodation and get some rest after a long day of exploring Jodhpur!

View of the Blue City from Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Day 2

On day 2 of this Jodhpur itinerary takes you to some of the sights slightly outside of the city. You can either arrange a driver to take you around for the day and agree on a price, or pay for each journey individually. If you opt for the latter you may be able to use Uber or OlaCabs to arrange taxis or tuk-tuks.

Your first stop should be the lovely Mandore Gardens, located around a 25-30 minute drive from the Clock Tower. The gardens are a relaxing and peaceful escape from the often chaotic city streets.

If you’ve watched Planet Earth 2 and are wondering where to find monkeys/langurs in Jodhpur then this is the best spot. You can easily spend hours watching the playful monkeys cause chaos in the gardens.

We found the monkeys congregated at the back of the gardens, alongside the river. If you’re struggling to find them we recommend trying there – as we nearly left disappointed after not seeing them on our first lap of the gardens.

Monkeys relaxing on a tree in Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur, a must visit in a 2 day Jodhpur itinerary

Aside from the monkeys, the main attractions at the gardens are temples, cenotaphs, statues and the ruins of the ancient town of Mandore. There’s plenty to see, so just take your time to wander around and enjoy the relative peace and quiet compared to the busy streets of Jodhpur.

Entrance to Mandore Gardens is free, but there is an entrance fee of 100 rupees for foreigners or 20 rupees for locals if you want to go inside the museum. The museum is home to several sculptures and paintings, so it’s up to you whether you want to visit or just spend more time enjoying the gardens.

A return journey from Jodhpur to Mandore Gardens should cost around 400 rupees, including the driver waiting to take you back to the city. Once you’ve finished exploring head back to the city for lunch before continuing on with the rest of your day.

If you enjoyed this visit then make sure to visit Ranthambore National Park to see even more monkeys and wildlife! Where there are some great places to stay near Ranthambore.

Cenotaphs in Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur

After lunch make your way to Jaswant Thada – a cenotaph built in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. Sometimes referred to as ‘the ‘Taj Mahal of Marwar’, the mausoleum is an incredible work of architecture, complete with a number of beautiful and intricate carvings.

Built in 1899, the cenotaph has been well preserved despite being over 100 years old. Spend time wandering through the garden, enjoying the views and going inside the mausoleum if you wish – just make sure to take off your shoes if you’re going inside!

Entrance to Jaswant Thada costs 50 rupees per person, and there is a guide fee of 100 rupees if you want more information. The cenotaph is located around a 30-minute walk or 10-minute drive from the Clock Tower area of Jodhpur, so it’s up to you how you choose to get there.

Jaswant Thada Mausoleum - a beautiful spot to visit on your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary

After you’ve finished up you’ll need to take a taxi to the final stop on your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary, the Umaid Bhawan Palace. This stunning building is a truly incredible sight, and you’ll probably have already seen it at a distance from various viewpoints in the city.

The palace is one of the world’s largest private residences, with 347 rooms in total. It’s actually possible to stay in the palace itself if you have the budget, as part of it has been turned into a luxury hotel/resort – for more information on that check out our guide of where to stay in Jodhpur below!

Alternatively you can visit the Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum, which is a substantially cheaper option at just 100 rupees per person. The museum houses a collection of antiques and historical artefacts, as well as a number of classic cars which are on display in the front garden.

Spend your time exploring the various collections and enjoying the fabulous architecture of the palace. Once you’ve finished up make your way back to the city and finish your 48 hours in Jodhpur off with dinner and drinks at a rooftop restaurant.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur a great place to visit or stay in your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary

How to get to Jodhpur

Domestic flights to Jodhpur run from New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Indore, with prices varying depending on the date and route selected. Fortunately internal flights in India are often reasonably priced, so it shouldn’t cost too much to get there.

The main alternative is to take a train to Jodhpur, which can be done from a number of cities in Rajasthan, as well as both Mumbai and New Delhi. If you’re coming from Udaipur we actually recommend taking a taxi as there are no direct trains and it gives you the chance to visit the stunning Ranakpur Jain Temple on the way.

Click here to book flights and trains to Jodhpur on 12GoAsia!

For some more information on how to get to Jodhpur we recommend reading our guides below:

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Blue building in Jodhpur's Blue City

Best time to visit Jodhpur

The best time to visit Jodhpur is between the months of October and March. Winter in Rajasthan runs from November to February, which means temperatures are more pleasant than the scorching summer months.

Between October and March Jodhpur sees average high temperatures of 26-36 degrees Celsius depending on which month you visit. If you want colder weather then the best time to visit is between December and February, as these are generally the coolest months.

The warmest months in Jodhpur are April, May and June, with average high temperatures of 40+ degrees Celsius. Unless you’re used to extreme heat we recommend avoiding visiting at this time of year as it’s almost too warm to go outside. It’s far too hot to explore the city and enjoy it properly so we recommend postponing your trip until one of the cooler months.

Peak season in Jodhpur runs from around October to March as it’s the best time to visit the city in terms of weather.

If you want to avoid crowds in your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary, then we recommend keeping track of the public holidays and avoiding big attractions on those days.

Temple in Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur

Best places to stay in Jodhpur


Durag Niwas Guest House

Make your trip to Jodhpur memorable by staying in this beautifully decorated, traditional Indian house. The Durag Niwas Guest House is run by a friendly family who will do all they can to make sure you have a great stay.

One of the highlights of staying here in your two day Jodhpur itinerary is making use of the rooftop restaurant and enjoying the views of the city. Rooms at the property are relatively basic but have everything you need.

The only downside of the property is that it’s located a bit of a distance from most of the main attractions, but thankfully tuk-tuks and taxis are relatively cheap.  Prices start from 255 rupees per night for a dorm or 680 rupees per night for a private room.

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Tanu Guest House

Tanu Guest House offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms at a great budget rate. This small family-run guest house boasts a rooftop with incredible views of Mehrangarh Fort, which you can enjoy whilst eating their delicious homemade food.

Well-located in the Blue City, the property is within walking distance of the majority of the city’s main attractions. The friendly family will do whatever they can to help during your stay, and cooking classes are also available for an additional charge.

Prices at the guest house start from 1,000 rupees per night.

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Sunset from a rooftop restaurant in Jodhpur


The Almond Tree

The Almond Tree offers a variety of modern rooms and suites at extremely reasonable prices given the high quality. Rooms are fitted with everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay, including a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, toiletries and more.

Situated outside of the city, the property is in a peaceful location within walking distance of Umaid Bhawan Palace.

One of the highlights of the property is the rooftop area, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the Umaid Bhawan Palace and its surroundings. There’s a restaurant on site serving delicious local food, which you can enjoy whilst admiring the views from the rooftop.

Prices at the property start from 4,370 rupees per night, with breakfast included in the price.

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The Ajit Bhawan Palace

The Ajit Bhawan Palace is a luxurious heritage hotel, located a few kilometres from the heart of Jodhpur. There’s something to suit everyone at the hotel, with a variety of air-conditioned luxury tents, rooms and suites available.

It’s the perfect place for a relaxing few days, with a large outdoor swimming pool and spa on site. On top of that there are 2 restaurants, serving both local and international cuisine.

The hotel’s friendly and attentive staff will do their best to make you feel like royalty to ensure you have a wonderful stay. Although the property is a few kilometres from the city centre, tuk-tuks and taxis are cheap and easy to arrange via OlaCabs and Uber.

Prices at the hotel start from 7,345 rupees per night, with breakfast included in the price, but expect prices to be higher during peak season in Jodhpur.

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Treat yourself!

Umaid Bhawan Palace

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is not only one of Jodhpur’s main attractions, but is also an exclusive luxury hotel. Everything you could possibly want and need is available at the hotel, with 2 swimming pools, a spa, a yoga studio, gym, tennis courts and much more on site.

Built from yellow sandstone between 1928 and 1943, the palace is a stunning work of architecture. As you’d expect, the rooms and suites are fit for royalty, so all stays are comfortable and relaxing.

Staff at the hotel provide first-class service, and will strive to meet your every need to ensure you have the perfect experience. With 2 restaurants and a bar also on site, the Umaid Bhawan Palace truly has everything you need and so much more during your 2 day Jodhpur itinerary!

Prices during peak season start from around 54,470 rupees per night.

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RAAS Jodhpur

Brilliantly located in the heart of the city, the RAAS Jodhpur is one of the best hotels in the area. The property’s wonderful haveli style architecture is truly beautiful, and helps make for an unforgettable stay.

Highlights of the hotel include the outdoor pool and spa, as well as the bar and restaurant with amazing views of the fort. All rooms at the property have a terrace or balcony, many of which have lovely views of the city.

In terms of the location, it couldn’t get much better. The hotel is a short walk from the Jodhpur Clock Tower and is also within walking distance of the towering Mehrangarh Fort.

As you’d expect, the staff are extremely hospitable and will do all they can to make your stay a pleasant one. There’s also a tour desk on site if you need any assistance with transportation or anything else during your stay.

Prices at the hotel during peak season start from 26,550 rupees per night, with breakfast included in the price.

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