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Best beaches in Sarande, Albania

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One of the best beaches in Sarande, Albania, in the nearby village of Ksamil

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Located in the Albanian Riviera along the country’s Mediterranean coast, the town of Sarande is perfect for exploring the area’s best beaches. Also known as Saranda, Sarande is one of the most popular beach destinations in Albania, and so it’s well worth spending a few days there for some sun, sea and sand. There are several public beaches in the town, but the area’s nicest beaches are found slightly further afield – so it’s well worth renting a car during your stay. Read below to find out the best beaches in Sarande/Saranda, Albania!

Public beaches in Sarande

There are 3 public beaches in Sarande itself, all within a short walk of each other. The biggest public beach is found just beside the tourist information centre, and is a lovely place to spend a few hours soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the sea!

Both of the other public beaches in Sarande can be found between the tourist information centre and the ferry terminal. Although these beaches are smaller, they’re still nice places to spend a relaxing few hours.

The public beaches in the area are generally more frequented by locals, but they still can get relatively busy – especially during the peak summer months of July and August.

You’re unlikely to see too many tourists on these beaches, as the area’s best beaches tend to be a little further out of Sarande. That being said, the convenient location of the beaches in the centre of town makes them perfect if you only want to spend part of your day at the beach.

All three beaches are free to use, but if you want you can pay around 300 Lek to use a sunbed if there are any available. There should be plenty of space on the beaches to put your towel down, so there’s no need to pay if you don’t want to!

Public beach in Sarande, Albania

Ksamil beaches

The small village of Ksamil is brilliantly located nearby to some of the best beaches in Sarande and the Albanian Riviera. Ksamil is around a 30-minute drive from Sarande, but it’s well worth the journey if you’re looking for a sandy beach in this area of Albania. There are a number of beaches to choose from in Ksamil, with several dotted around the town.

One of the best beaches is Spiaggia Di Ksamil, also known as Plazhi Ksamilit. Most of the other best beaches in Sarande are pebbly beaches, but Spiaggia Di Ksamil is a predominantly sandy beach with stunning crystal clear water.

As it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania, it can get quite busy. If you’re visiting during the peak summer months it can sometimes be hard to find a spot to lay out your towel on the beach. Sunbeds are available to rent for 1,000 Lek, which includes 2 beds and a parasol for shade.

Beach in Ksamil, Albania

The other beaches around Ksamil aren’t as sandy, but this means they tend to be quieter and less popular with tourists. If you’re looking for quieter beaches then you’re more likely to find them in between Sarande and Ksamil. One example is the beautiful Monastery beach, which is located around a 15-minute drive from Sarande.

If you’re staying in Sarande then the best way to get to Ksamil is to rent a car and drive. Renting a car in Albania is relatively inexpensive and it gives you the chance to easily reach some of the best beaches around Sarande.

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Alternatively you can take the bus to Ksamil, but you won’t have as much freedom to visit a number of beaches. Fortunately Spiaggia Di Ksamil is located in the village itself, so you can reach it on foot once you arrive.

Buses from Sarande to Ksamil cost 100 Lek and depart from just beside the town market. Seats fill up quickly on the bus so it’s best to get on at this stop to avoid having to stand for the 30 minute journey.

Monastery beach - one of the best beaches near Sarande, Albania

Private beaches in Sarande

As well as the public beaches, there also a number of private beaches in Sarande. These private beaches generally belong to either hotels or bars, and can only be used by their customers.

We recommend staying at a hotel with a private beach if you want to be able to access one of these beaches, as that way you have access to the beach whenever you want, without having to worry about visiting a certain bar or restaurant. These private beaches are some of the best in Sarande, so it’s worth paying a bit more to access one of them!

If you’re interested in staying at one of the hotels with a private beach then check out our recommendations below!

One of the best private beaches in Saranda, Albania

Hotels with a private beach in Sarande

Hotel Apollon

Brilliantly located on the beachfront, Hotel Apollon is perfect for a relaxing beach getaway. Staying at the hotel means you can take advantage of free sun loungers and parasols on their private beach. The hotel has a bar overlooking the beachfront, and will happily serve drinks to you on the beach. 

Prices at the hotel start from $116 USD (12,820 Lek) per night, with breakfast included in the price.

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Buze Boutique Hotel

The Buze Boutique Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sarande if you’re looking for a private beach and comfortable rooms. If the private beach isn’t enough for you, then this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool – so you don’t have to get sandy if you don’t want to. This lovely boutique hotel really is perfect for a chilled out few days by the sea!

Prices at the Buze Boutique Hotel start from $204 USD (22,550 Lek) per night, with breakfast included in the price.

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Dream Hotel Saranda

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable hotel with a private beach in Sarande, then the Dream Hotel Saranda is a great option. Prices start at $94 USD (10,400 Lek) per night, which also includes breakfast

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Private beaches like this are some of the best beaches in Sarande

Beaches of the Albanian Riviera

If you want to discover some different beaches then we recommend renting a car and exploring more of the Albanian Riviera. The best beaches in and around Sarande are covered above, but if you go further afield there are plenty more beautiful beaches to discover.

By travelling the extra distance you should hopefully be able to find some lovely beaches without the crowds. There are a number of beaches dotted along the cost from Sarande up to Dhermi, with a mixture of popular and secluded beaches to discover.

Some of the top beaches to visit along the Albanian Riviera include Drymades beach in Dhermi, Spile beach in Himare and Gjipe beach.

Wondering where to go after Sarande? Head to Greece to visit the amazing city of Athens!

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