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Gitgit Waterfall: Jungle Waterfall in North Bali

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Gitgit waterfall

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Gitgit waterfall is one of the most well known of the many waterfalls in North Bali. Beautifully located amongst lush jungle, Gitgit sends water powering over a 35-metre drop. Fortunately, the path down to Gitgit isn’t as challenging as those at Sekumpul waterfall and Banyumala twin waterfall. This means it’s a more popular spot to visit and can be quite busy at times – although if you arrive early you can still have the falls to yourself. Find out everything you need to know before visiting with this Gitgit waterfall guide.

Gitgit waterfall information

Gitgit waterfall entrance fee – 20,000 Rupiah (IDR) per person.

Gitgit waterfall height – 35 metres.

How to get to Gitgit waterfall

Gitgit waterfall is found in Gitgit village in Singaraja, and is about a 45-minute drive away from Lovina beach and around an hour away from the small village of Munduk. As it’s quite a popular tourist attraction you will see signs for it when you’re in the right area. If you’re making your own way there make use of either Google maps or maps.me if you need an offline alternative. Although it is possible to do a day trip from places like Ubud to Gitgit waterfall, we’d recommend staying closer by to explore more waterfalls in North Bali. The location of Gitgit means it’s much easier to visit from Lovina than from Ubud.

There are two options of where to park, which will affect your walk to the falls. If you use the Gitgit waterfall car park, then you will have a longer, steeper walk. Alternatively, there is a spot further down the road where you can park and join the path after this steeper section. The second option is much easier if you have opted to hire a driver.

Renting a scooter in Bali should cost around 60,000 Rupiah for a day if you want to drive to the falls yourself. If you’d prefer to rent a driver we paid 550,000 Rupiah for a full day exploring the waterfalls of North Bali. We’d recommend using 007 Transport Bali if you need a driver in the Lovina beach area.

The walk to Gitgit waterfall

The path is well paved and easy to follow. From the car park the first part of the path involves quite a number of steps. In general though, it’s nothing too challenging. It’s an easy walk down compared to the paths at Sekumpul waterfall and Banyumala twin waterfall.

If you get dropped further down to avoid the steeper walk then you’ll have it nice and easy. It’s just a short walk past multiple market stalls before you make it to the famous Gitgit waterfall.

Gitgit waterfall view

Best time to visit Gitgit waterfall

To see Gitgit waterfall at its strongest, consider visiting between December and February – Bali’s rainiest months. Regardless, Gitgit still has considerable water flow even during the dry season, so it doesn’t matter too much when you visit!

If you are going to be visiting during rainy season, or on a particularly rainy day then take care on the steps, as they can be a bit slippery. Fortunately, the path is well paved so apart from that you shouldn’t have any issues!

Tips for visiting Gitgit waterfall

Don’t prioritise Gitgit – Although Gitgit is a nice waterfall to visit, there are much more impressive ones on the island of Bali. In particular Sekumpul waterfall and Banyumala twin waterfall stand out as the 2 best alternatives. If your time is limited we’d prioritise others over Gitgit, but if you’re making a full day of it then it’s worth combining with the others!

Guides aren’t mandatory – Guides may try and convince you otherwise, but you don’t need one to visit Gitgit. A local may offer to ‘guide’ you on a Gitgit waterfall tour, and will try to charge around 200,000 Rupiah for this. The path is simple and easy to follow so this really isn’t necessary and these ‘tours’ are just a way of making easy money from unsuspecting tourists.

Shops – The path to Gitgit falls is full of shops if you’re looking for some souvenirs from your trip to Bali and Indonesia. You’ll find everything from cheap singlets to impressive word carvings, so make sure you have spare cash in case you want to buy some things to take home!

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