Sekumpul Waterfall: A Must See in North Bali

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Hidden in the dense forest of North Bali, Sekumpul waterfall is an impressive work of nature. The main falls stand 80 metres tall, surrounded by beautiful greenery that is typical of Bali. Although the hike down to Sekumpul waterfall is steep and a bit of a workout, it’s manageable for travellers of all ages. On the way down you’ll even be rewarded with a picture perfect spot at the Sekumpul viewpoint. In our opinion, an adventure to this beautiful spot is an essential inclusion on any Bali itinerary – and although it seems to be less visited, we’d recommend it over the popular Gitgit waterfall. Although Sekumpul waterfall is in the Lovina area, it’s possible to visit on a day trip from as far as Ubud and Seminyak if you hire a driver for a tour – and we’d recommend combining it with a trip to the beautiful Banyumala twin waterfall! Find out all about visiting Sekumpul below!

Sekumpul waterfall information

Sekumpul waterfall entrance fee 2023– 125,000 IDR per person which includes a local guide.

Sekumpul waterfall height – 80 metres.

Sekumpul waterfall opening times – 8am to 5pm

How to get to Sekumpul waterfall

Getting to Sekumpul waterfall is easiest from either Munduk or Lovina beach – as it’s approximately a one-hour drive away from both towns. There are plenty of hotels and accommodation options in both places.

Due to the lack of public transport in Bali, you’ll either need to rent a bike or hire a driver to take you there. From Lovina we paid 550,000 Rupiah for a day tour to Sekumpul waterfall as well as a number of other waterfalls. In our opinion, exploring the waterfalls on a day tour is one of the best things to do in North Bali.

If you want to visit Sekumpul waterfall from Ubud, Seminyak or another area further away then you’re best off getting a driver rather than taking the long bike ride. Depending on your negotiating skills, you’re almost certainly looking at spending a minimum of 500,000 IDR.

There are day trip tours that run from the towns of Seminyak/Ubud/Kuta and others that cover Sekumpul waterfall for example this day trip runs to North Bali and includes other beautiful spots such as Ulun Danu temple.

The entrance to Sekumpul you want to arrive at is marked on as ‘North entrance to Sekumpul waterfall’. From the car park it’s around a 3 kilometre round trip to the waterfall.

Sekumpul waterfall viewpoint

The walk to Sekumpul waterfall

The path to the waterfall is easy to follow from the car park. As you follow it round you’ll reach stairs that will lead you the majority of the way to the falls.

Not long after you begin going down, there will be a small path on your left from which there is a brilliant Sekumpul viewpoint. From here you can really appreciate the beautiful waterfall and the its location amongst the surrounding nature.

Once you’ve taken a few pictures here, continue down the stairs. At one point you will have the option to either turn off to the left, or continue to the right.

The easier path is to continue to the right where a bridge will lead you across the river. If you go to the left you’ll have to cross the river by foot.

After crossing the bridge, turn left and from here it’s a relatively short walk to the base of the waterfall. You will have to get your feet wet at this point, so either take off your shoes or bring appropriate footwear!

 Best time to visit Sekumpul waterfall

Sekumpul waterfall is a beautiful spot to visit all year round, meaning there is no bad time to visit.

To see the falls at their most powerful, visit during Bali’s rainy season – which runs from October to March. If you do visit during this time, make sure to take care on the walk down as the stairs can be wet and there may also be slippery rocks.

The falls are still impressive in the dry season between April and September too. A good compromise is to visit around April and May as the falls will still be relatively powerful but the weather will be better at this time of year.

Sekumpul waterfall

Tips for visiting Sekumpul waterfall

Sekumpul trekking tour – It can be tempting to opt for a Sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking tour, but it really is easy enough to do it yourself! The advantage of doing it as part of the tour is that you’ll go through Sekumpul village, rice fields and rice terraces on your way to the Sekumpul waterfalls to find out more click here for the Sekumpul Klook tour!

Footwear – To reach the base of the falls you have to walk through a shallow river, so either pack footwear suitable for this or prepare to walk barefoot. A good option is to pack some water shoes – one of our recommendations of what to pack for Bali!

Arrive early to avoid crowds – As more and more people are becoming aware of Sekumpul, aim to arrive early to beat the crowds.

Walk is tough but doable – If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to manage the stairs, the likelihood is that you’ll be fine. We saw young children as well as people in their 60s doing the walk to Sekumpul. The walk can be tough on your legs, but if you take your time you shouldn’t have a problem!

Motorbike back to the parking area – If you want a ride from the stairs to the ticket booth once you finish visiting the falls, you can get an ojek (motorbike taxi) for around 20,000 IDR. Although the hardest part of the walk is over at this point, it may be worth it if you’re tired out!

Change of price – Back when we visited in 2018 we paid 20,000 IDR each for entrance with no guide, however in 2023 you now have to pay 125,000 IDR per person and this comes with a guide. Although it is not necessarily to have a guide as the walk is pretty straightforward this is now included.

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Sekumpul waterfall is a beautiful place hidden amongst the nature of north Bali, Indonesia. Found in the Lovina area, the awesome falls can be visited on day trips from Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta and more! If you’re looking for adventure travel, this is one of the best things to do in Bali – and this natural paradise is worthy of a place on any bucket lists. Sekumpul is essential on any Bali itinerary, and will fuel your wanderlust in any season. Check out this guide! #bali #waterfall #indonesia