5 Stunning Waterfalls On The Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Scotland’s Isle of Skye is blessed with some truly beautiful waterfalls, from the famous Fairy Pools to stunning cliff-face falls directly into the sea. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit some amazing waterfalls around the world, including the famous Iguazu Falls, but we were still blown away by Skye’s amazing waterfalls. The island is home to some fantastic natural scenery, and just driving around you can often see some small waterfalls or get beautiful views. There’s so much to see that it can be hard to fit all the best bits into your Isle of Skye itinerary. To help you narrow it down we’ve picked some of the most beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls on the island without needing to walk or hike for too long! We recommend getting around the island by car as some of the best waterfalls are a bit remote, so check out our guide to driving on the Isle of Skye before you visit. Find out our top 5 waterfalls on the Isle of Skye below!

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Five Beautiful Isle of Skye Waterfalls

Fairy Pools

The majestic Fairy Pools waterfalls are one of the most beautiful places to visit on the Isle of Skye. Situated on the River Brittle near Glen Brittle, the waterfalls are separated by a series of rock pools with stunningly clear blue water. Towering above the waterfalls are the imposing Black Cuillins mountains, helping to make this one of the most scenic spots on the island. Considering the natural beauty it’s hardly surprising it’s on our list of the best walks on the Isle of Skye!

As you walk between the Fairy Pools you will see a number of waterfalls running between them. The waterfalls aren’t particularly high, but they’re still a beautiful sight to see – especially with the imposing Cuillins mountain range as the backdrop.

If you want to make it a visit to remember then it’s possible to go wild swimming in the Fairy Pools – but make sure you’re prepared for the cold water! The pools are one of the most popular wild swimming spots in Scotland, and it’s definitely hard to find a more picturesque location.

It’s around a 15-20 minute walk from the car park to the first of the pools, but you will want to continue beyond this point to see the rest of the pools and waterfalls. The walk to the Fairy Pools is slightly uphill the majority of the way and the path isn’t paved, so it’s fairly uneven at times. Two bridges are currently under construction to make the route slightly easier, but until they’re open you will need to cross stepping stones to make your way up to the Fairy Pools.

Whilst you’re in the area you may also want to visit some similar pools found near the Glenbrittle Youth Hostel. There is free parking outside the hostel and there are some other lovely waterfalls and pools to see here, with the added benefit of it not being as busy as the main Fairy Pools.

One of the few waterfalls at Fairy Pools with the mighty Cuillin mountains in the background

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Isle of Skye is the stunning Mealt Falls at Kilt Rock. Mealt Falls is particularly spectacular as it plunges over a cliff edge and directly into the sea from a height of 55 metres.

The Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls viewpoint provides amazing views of this unique waterfall, and it’s a truly breathtaking sight. Located on Skye’s Jurassic Coast, the waterfall is found amongst dramatic cliffs – which make for an incredible backdrop. Watching the waterfall power forcefully into the sea is magnificent, and for us is definitely one of the best things to do on the Isle of Skye!

Conveniently there is a free car park by the Mealt Falls viewpoint, however parking is fairly limited. We managed to find a space easily on our visit, but during the peak summer season on the Isle of Skye expect it to be quite busy.

The car park at Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock is free and is almost directly next to the viewpoint, so you can see the amazing waterfall within minutes of leaving your car. As the car park is almost directly by the waterfall it makes it one of the easiest waterfalls to visit in Skye.

It’s sometimes possible to see minke whales, dolphins and other wildlife in this area, but you do need quite a bit of luck to see them on your visit to Mealt Falls! Skye wildlife trips run from nearby in Portree, which give you a better chance of seeing some of the area’s amazing wildlife. These trips along the island’s Jurassic Coast sometimes give you the chance to get a unique view of Mealt Falls from the sea.

Mealt Falls at Kilt Rock is a waterfall on the Isle of Skye that goes into the sea

Rha Waterfall

The lovely Rha waterfall is one of the most underrated waterfalls on the Isle of Skye. Situated in Uig Wood near the village of Uig, this two-tiered waterfall is a beautiful hidden gem.

Even though we had seen pictures of Rha waterfall prior to our visit, we underestimated just how impressive it is. We had even toyed with the idea of skipping this spot out, but as we happened to be driving nearby we decided to stop and check it out – and we’re glad we did!

It’s not the biggest of waterfalls by any means, but it flows surprisingly forcefully down two drops. When we visited it had been quite rainy in the days prior, so this probably gave it some extra momentum to make it more of a spectacle. If possible we’d recommend visiting after a rainy day to see the Rha Waterfall at its best.

Its location in the middle of Uig Wood means it’s surrounded by some lovely nature, and so it’s a beautiful spot to visit. If you’re lucky you may even have the place to yourselves like we did, as it’s one of the lesser-visited waterfalls on Skye.

There is some free parking near the Rha Waterfall by the intersection of the A87 and the A855, opposite the Old Police House. It’s more of a lay-by than a proper car park, but it’s a convenient place to stop as from there it’s only a short walk to the falls. Make sure to read our guide to Rha waterfall for directions on the walk to the falls!

Rha Waterfall is located pretty near to the Fairy Glen, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Skye. If you’re planning to visit the Fairy Glen then it’s definitely worth a stop here to admire the natural beauty.

Rha waterfall

Talisker Waterfall

Talisker Waterfall is one of the more remote waterfalls on the Isle of Skye, situated in the picturesque Talisker Bay. This stunning waterfall plunges off the cliff edge towards the sea, from what is said to be a height of 130 metres.

Sometimes referred to as Talisker Bay Waterfall, it’s at its most impressive after heavy rainfall as the overflow from Loch an Sguirr Mhoir feeds the falls.

The best views of the waterfall are from almost directly opposite, near one end of Talisker Beach. From here you can see Talisker Waterfall in all its glory as it powers down off the cliff edge. On windy days the waterfall can even appear to flow upwards, with the power of the wind forcing the water back up over the cliff.

From where you park it’s a mainly flat and easy 20-30 minute walk to Talisker Bay, at which point the waterfall comes into view. If you want to get up close to the falls you need to visit in low tide and then scramble over some rocks at the bottom of the cliffs, so it’s not the easiest to do. Thankfully the views from the beach are wonderful, so there’s no need to get up close if you don’t like the sound of the route!

If you’re feeling brave enough to get in the water then you can also enjoy a view of Talisker Waterfall whilst swimming in Talisker Bay. Keep your eye out for seals too as they’re sometimes spotted in the area!

The only way to get to the waterfall is to drive to Talisker, and make use of the limited free roadside parking in the area. It can be a bit tough to find a parking space, but there is a small makeshift car park and some suitable places to park on the grass by the side of the road. It’s then around a mile walk to get to the beach from where you park.

A lot of the roads in Skye have potholes, but the road to Talisker waterfall was the worst we drove on during our time on the island. That being said, it’s well worth visiting – just don’t drive too fast and try to avoid the potholes where you can!

Talisker waterfall, a lesser known waterfall that goes into the sea in Skye

Eas A’ Bhradain Waterfall

The beautiful Eas A’ Bhradain waterfall is one of the most-viewed waterfalls on the Isle of Skye. Located by the side of the A87 (the road onto Skye from mainland Scotland), it’s likely you will pass the waterfall if you’re driving north towards Portree or Dunvegan. Located on the Allt Coire nam Bruadaran River, the waterfall is just a short distance from where the river meets Loch Ainort.

Eas A’ Bhradain waterfall, which translates from Gaelic as ‘waterfall of the salmon’, has two main tiers – the first of which is the taller of the two. It’s a medium sized waterfall overall, and is a lovely sight to see as you drive by – just make sure not to miss it!

The waterfall is on your left as you drive north, and will be to your right as you drive south, but to get the best view we recommend that you park up and admire it properly. Thankfully there is a free roadside car park very close to the falls – click here to see the location on Google Maps!

Behind the waterfall you can see the Red Cuillins mountains, which make for a beautiful backdrop. If you’re driving by it’s definitely worth a quick stop to admire the waterfall’s beauty, and is only around a 10-minute drive from Sligachan Old Bridge.

A great waterfall to see in Skye is Eas A' Bhradain

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