The 9 Best Things To Do In the Koh Phi Phi Islands

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The beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi Don, the main island of Thailand’s famous Phi Phi Islands, is home to some incredible things to do. Despite being a small island there is plenty to choose from, whether it’s amazing snorkelling, hiking to viewpoints, boat tours to the famous Maya Bay, or simply relaxing at the beach. We were fortunate enough to spend just over a month living there, and we never got bored of the different things to do in the Phi Phi Islands. There are also some amazing hotels and resorts on the island for all budgets – so make sure to check out our guide to the best hotels and places to say in Koh Phi Phi! Find out all the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi and the Phi Phi Islands with this guide!

How to get to Koh Phi Phi Island

The only way to get to Koh Phi Phi is by boat, with departures from mainland Thailand in both Phuket and Krabi.

Alternatively, there are boats running to Koh Phi Phi from other nearby islands, such as Koh Lanta, Koh Yao Noi and even Koh Lipe.

Phuket has the most regular departures to Koh Phi Phi Don Island, with both speedboats and ferries available several times a day.

Speedboats from Phuket take around 1 hour to reach Tonsai Pier on Phi Phi, whereas ferries take around 2 hours.

Ferries from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi start from 450 baht per person one-way, whereas speedboats start from 750 baht one-way.

We recommend booking in advance to secure your place, and you can easily book online through 12GoAsia. Find out more in our article on how to get to Koh Phi Phi from Phuket by ferry or book now via the link below!

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Longtail boats on the beach on the Phi Phi Islands

If you’re coming from the Krabi area then it’s possible to get a boat from either Krabi River Marina near Krabi Town, Ao Nang or Railay.

Speedboats from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi start from 900 baht one-way, whereas the slower ferry option starts from 450 baht.

Find out more information in our article on how to get the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi or book now via the link below!

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Alternatively, if you’re coming from one of the nearby islands then prices vary a bit depending on where you’re coming from.

A speedboat from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi costs 700 baht, a boat from Koh Yao Noi costs 1,200 baht, and from Koh Lipe prices start from 2,600 baht.

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A white sand beach with limestone karsts in the background

The best things to do in Koh Phi Phi


One of our favourite things to do in Koh Phi Phi was to go snorkelling to enjoy the incredible marine life in the area.

There are some great snorkelling spots on Phi Phi Don such as Nui Beach and Shark Point, as well as some other spots accessible by boat like Bamboo Island and Maya Bay.

Some of the species you can see snorkelling in the area include sea snakes, blacktip reef sharks, cuttlefish, lionfish, clownfish, and much more!

The snorkelling is so good that you can keep going back to the same spots and see a variety of different species each time!

Our personal favourite spot for snorkelling on Koh Phi Phi is Shark Point, which is located at Long Beach.

We visited this spot a number of times and saw countless blacktip reef sharks, a cuttlefish, a lionfish, and too many other species to name. Leopard sharks are sometimes spotted at Shark Point, so if you’re lucky you may get the chance to see one.

Snorkels are normally available to rent from some beachfront hotels (particularly at Long Beach), but you can also ask local boatmen where you can rent one.

It should cost 50 baht to rent a snorkel and mask from the hotels on the beach, but depending on who you rent from then they may charge 100 baht.

If you’re taking a private or group day trip via longtail boat then snorkels are normally included in the price.

Find out the best spots to visit and where to find the best prices on renting a snorkel with our guide to the best snorkelling spots in the Phi Phi Islands!

A blacktip reef shark found snorkelling at Long Beach - the best thing to do on the Koh Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoints

One of the most popular things to do in Koh Phi Phi is to visit the island’s stunning viewpoints. There are three main viewpoints on the island, known simply as viewpoint 1, viewpoint 2 and viewpoint 3.

The path leading to the viewpoints is a short way from Loh Dalum Beach, and you’ll have to climb quite a few stairs before reaching viewpoint 1.

It should take around 20-25 minutes to walk up to viewpoint 1 from the Loh Dalum Beach area.

There is an entrance fee of 30 baht to access Koh Phi Phi viewpoints 1 and 2, and make sure to hold onto your ticket to show once you reach the second viewpoint.

At viewpoint 1 you have some nice views of Phi Phi Don Island, as well as some gardens, an I Love Phi Phi sign and a bit more to explore.

Phi Phi Viewpoint 2 is a bit higher than viewpoint 1, and so in our opinion has better views.

It’s around a 10-minute walk from the first viewpoint to viewpoint 2, and from this height you can appreciate the many different shades of blue in the sea, as well as having a clearer view of the island.

From viewpoint 2 it’s around another 10-minute walk to viewpoint 3, which arguably has the best views of all the Koh Phi Phi viewpoints.

There is an entrance fee of 20 baht to access viewpoint 3, but it’s well worth paying for amazing views of Phi Phi Don Island and beyond from above.

The viewing platform gives you some great views over the jungle’s trees, and you can sometimes even spot monkeys in the treetops.

We recommend walking to the Phi Phi viewpoints early in the day or around sunset, as that way you can avoid the midday heat on your walk.

It’s best to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, but if you need to buy some there is a shop at viewpoint 2 and a small restaurant at viewpoint 3 for you to buy drinks and a snack.

View of Loh Dalum Bay at the viewpoint in the Koh Phi Phi Islands - a must do


Koh Phi Phi is spoilt with some of the best beaches in Thailand, so one of the best things to do on the island is enjoy a beach day!

There are a number of stunning white sand beaches to be found on the main island of Koh Phi Phi Don, perfect for those looking to sunbathe or for a swim in the sea.

Our personal favourite beach on Phi Phi Don is Loh Dalum Beach, which is located in the main area of the island.

Situated in Loh Dalum Bay, the water on this beach is crystal clear and relatively shallow for a long way out. On top of that there are no waves due to the beach being located in a bay, so it’s a lovely spot to relax.

Other nice beaches on the main island of Koh Phi Phi Don include Long Beach, Tonsai Beach and Nui Beach.

All of these beaches are great places to relax, and at some you can rent kayaks and snorkels to make the most of your beach day!

Visiting the stunning Maya Bay beach is one of the essential things to do in Koh Phi Phi, but we’ll cover that in more detail below! If you want more detail on other beaches then check out our guide to the best beaches on the Phi Phi Islands!

Nui Beach - a great snorkelling spot and beach to visit on the Koh Phi Phi Islands

Visiting Maya Bay and Phi Phi Lee Island

Unquestionably one of the top things to do in Koh Phi Phi is to visit the famous Maya Bay beach.

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen anywhere in the world, thanks to its fine white sand, beautiful turquoise water and the towering karst cliffs in the bay.

A boat trip to Koh Phi Phi Lee Island allows you to visit the amazing Maya Bay, as well as a few other spots around the island including Viking Cave and Pi Leh Lagoon.

The island’s karst limestone cliffs provide you with incredible scenery to enjoy throughout your trip.

Despite being one of the most popular things to do in Koh Phi Phi, Maya Bay is a lot quieter than it used to be as it was closed for nearly 3 years.

The government closed off the beach due to overtourism in order to allow ecological recovery and to implement new restrictions to prevent further damage to the nature.

Since Maya Bay reopened on 1 January 2022, there is now a limit of 300 people on the beach at any one time.

Boats are also no longer allowed to park in the bay itself, so it’s a lot quieter and therefore means you can properly enjoy the natural beauty.

Even though there is a limit on the number of people allowed on the beach at once, we still recommend arriving early. We arrived between 9.30am and 10am and there were only around 10 other people on the beach.

One of the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi visiting the white sand beach of Maya Bay

As of 2022 there is an entrance fee of 400 baht for foreigners to visit the Maya Bay Beach.

You can see the beach from afar if you don’t want to pay this fee, but in our opinion it’s worth paying to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Pi Leh Lagoon is probably the most impressive other stop on a trip around Phi Phi Lee Island. This beautiful lagoon has breathtaking turquoise water and is surrounded by the island’s impressive karst cliffs.

Group tours around Koh Phi Phi Lee start from around 600 baht per person and include a number of stops around the island.

Alternatively, private longtail boat trips start from around 1800 baht for 2 people for 3 hours, but will vary depending on your group size.

We managed to arrange a private longtail boat trip for 2000 baht for 5 people for 3 hours.

Maya Bay and Loh Sameh Bay will be closed to tourists around the 1st August 2023 and 30th September 2023 as part of an annual plan to allow nature to cover from tourism.

Pi Leh Lagoon, a sheltered lagoon with blue water and limestone karsts surrounding the lagoon, a great day trip to do in Koh Phi Phi


One of the lesser-known things to do in Koh Phi Phi is to go hiking. Visiting the famous Phi Phi viewpoints involves a bit of hiking, but for those looking for a longer walk then there are trails leading all the way to the north side of the island.

As you walk from viewpoint 2 to viewpoint 3 there are direction markers signposting the way to hike to the north side of the island.

Follow the signs for Loh Lana Bay, and the trail will lead you through the jungle towards Loh Ba Kao Bay and Loh Lana Bay.

The north of the island is a lot quieter than the area by Tonsai Beach and Loh Dalum Bay, but it’s still a nice spot to visit.

Loh Ba Kao Bay is home to SAii Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort – one of the island’s most luxurious hotels.

There are a few bars and restaurants about, but generally there isn’t too much in the area other than the beaches.

Once you’ve visited both Loh Ba Kao Bay and Loh Lana Bay then you can take a different route back through the jungle towards Loh Dalum Beach.

There is a bit of a steep ascent and then a descent on this route, but once you’ve made it through the jungle you will find yourself walking along some of the smaller beaches on the edge of Loh Dalum Bay. From there you can walk along the beaches and past the beachfront hotels to find the path back to the main town.

There are a few other routes you can find for yourself to hike on the island, but this is our personal favourite. Keep your eyes peeled in the jungle as we spotted a snake in the trees, which promptly slithered off once it noticed us!

We recommend using to help stick to the proper trails whilst hiking in Koh Phi Phi, as the routes aren’t always the most clear.

It’s also worth bring mosquito spray with you as there are lots of mosquitos in the jungle area – and Natalia in particular got bitten a lot on our hike.

Loh Ba Kao Bay one of the quieter beaches on the Phi Phi Islands and a great place to visit

Boat Trip around the Phi Phi Islands

Another one of the most popular things to do in Koh Phi Phi is to take a boat trip around the Phi Phi Islands. There are plenty of great spots to visit on Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee, as well as some other smaller islands worth visiting too.

A boat trip allows you to combine some of the highlights of the Phi Phi Islands, from stunning beaches to amazing snorkelling to beautiful scenery.

Some of the spots will overlap with other places we’ve already mentioned – like Maya Bay and Bamboo Island – but if you want an unforgettable day out a boat trip is a great option!

It’s possible to arrange a private longtail boat tour with one of the boatmen around the island or one of the local tour operators.

Prices will vary depending on the number in your group, where you want to visit and how long you want the trip to last.

The beautiful blue waters with a long tail boat, a great thing to do when on Koh Phi Phi is to take a boat trip where you can see views like this

If you’re arranging a private Phi Phi Island tour some places we definitely recommend visiting are Maya Bay, Nui Beach, Bamboo Island and Shark Point. Other places you may want to visit include Mosquito Island, Monkey Beach and Loh Samah Bay.

Group tours are available with operators around the island, but you can also book online in advance through Get Your Guide if you’d prefer.

Prices do vary depending on the itinerary, but generally group tours start from around 600 baht per person, with both half-day and full-day trips available.

If you want to book in advance then Get Your Guide have a great 6-8 hour tour which includes stops at Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, Monkey Beach, Shark Point and more!

The group tour costs just 1,000 baht, but you also have the option to book a private tour if you’re happy to pay a little more.

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Bamboo island with white sand and blue seas a great thing to do on the Koh Phi Phi Islands

Fire Show

At night the island stays alive, and something we recommend as a thing to do on Koh Phi Phi is watch one of it’s infamous fire shows. Here you can see people doing all kinds of tricks from juggling batons of fire to fire flamed skipping ropes.

There are a few different bars scattered around the island that provide these shows, our favourite was Slinky’s Bar on Loh Dalum Beach. The shows are free to watch, just grab a drink and enjoy the show!


This might seem fairly obvious, but one of the best things to do in Koh Phi Phi is relax! It’s a beautiful island blessed with some amazing beaches for relaxing, and depending on where you stay you may also have the option of relaxing by the pool!

Although we tried to keep our days as busy as possible, even we couldn’t resist a few relaxing days by the pool and at the beach during our stay.

We thoroughly recommend staying at PP Princess Resort if you’re looking for a relaxing stay, as it’s one of the best hotels on Koh Phi Phi Don Island thanks to its large swimming pool and easy access to the beach.

There are some great beach bars in Koh Phi Phi too, and so one of the best things to do in Phi Phi Island at night is to enjoy a cocktail or two by the beach!

A pool with sunbeds, a relaxing thing to do when on Koh Phi Phi


Another way to discover some of Koh Phi Phi’s amazing scenery is to rent a kayak. There are plenty of kayaks for rent around the island – particularly at Loh Dalum Beach and Tonsai Beach.

Prices to rent a kayak start from 200 baht per hour, and it’s a great way to get to some of the less-visited spots on the island.

If you’re happy to pay for a few hours then you can rent a kayak from Loh Dalum Beach and then kayak over to Nui Beach for some snorkelling to combine two of the best water activities in Phi Phi Island.

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Where to stay in Koh Phi Phi


PP Princess Resort

One of the best places to stay on Koh Phi Phi is the lovely PP Princess Resort. Located on the beachfront of Loh Dalum Beach, the property has two amazing swimming pools overlooking the beach.

The resort is centrally-located, and is just a few minutes walk from some great bars and restaurants, as well as Tonsai Pier. On top of that the resort has its own restaurant and bar, with some great happy hour deals and cocktails available to enjoy in the pool!

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Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort

The Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is a great spot for a relaxing stay. Conveniently-located near Tonsai Beach, the hotel has a large swimming pool which is perfect for cooling off in!

Due to the location near Tonsai Pier, the hotel is just a few minutes walk from some of the island’s best restaurants and bars. Offering everything you need at a reasonable price, the Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is a great choice for your stay!

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Treat Yourself!

SAii Phi Phi Island Village

The SAii Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is one of the best hotels on the island. Located on the beachfront of Loh Ba Kao Bay, the resort is in a peaceful and more remote area of the island.

There is plenty for you to enjoy at the resort, including a wonderful infinity pool, tennis courts, a dive centre, a spa and more! Taxi boats can take you to the main part of the island if you wish, but the resort has everything you need considering there are four restaurants and a bar too!

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